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Supply Chain Management | People Development

People Development – Because your employees are part of the solution.

We do not forget people after major transformation projects. Sophisticated concepts, perfectly aligned processes and the best tools will be ineffective if your staff do not feel capable of embracing these changes. The measurable successes you were hoping for will be in danger.

This is where the TenglerGluttig Academy comes in. Even during the consulting project, we will develop customised training that will not only communicate the theory of supply chain planning, but also prepare users for the real-life situation with the help of interactive case studies and role plays.

Planning processes will be played out, real conflicts of objectives will be resolved through role plays, and the interdependencies and impact of own actions on the entire company will be explained. Use of the same technical vocabulary based on international standards, such as APICS, throughout the company will be a basic requirement. This will enable users to overcome daily challenges in the planning and management of the supply chain.

Supply Chain Management | People Development, Team

The TenglerGluttig Academy uses various blended learning tools to ensure efficiency. The use of e-learning platforms combined with virtual classrooms and on-site training bridges the gap between project work and everyday business. This ensures transformation while operations are ongoing.

Employees have different professional backgrounds, knowledge and experience. So, we begin by showing what know-how and skills are needed in order to perform the future roles. The current maturity of the organisation in its processes, systems, decision-making and KPI control is determined, and a training plan is created for the individual target groups along the supply chain. While, say, a demand manager requires in-depth knowledge of statistical forecasting models, a material planner really needs to be able to apply the Control Tower solution perfectly. However, when it comes to integrated planning, they have to make joint decisions using the same indicators and reports. This calls for a modular training concept for mandatory, individual, collective and flexible training at both operational and managerial levels.

The TenglerGluttig Academy offers a train-the-trainer concept for in-house training to enable sustainable lifelong learning.

This ensures the long-term practicality of the new planning and management processes and tools within the company’s operations.