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Supply Chain Management | Maturity Assessment

Maturity Assessment – The health check

Experts from TenglerGluttig will work with the key players in your supply chain to gauge the maturity of your value chain quickly but extremely effectively. To set our focus, we will define the main areas of the assessment in a preliminary meeting.

As we ascertain your status quo, we may reference state-of-the-art transactions in comparable industries. This will enable us to take a broader view. There is no point in being “best in class” in every area. A common understanding which improvements are possible over what period will lay the foundations for feasible implementation. Together we will find the weaknesses in your supply chain and develop hypotheses from which we will derive focal points for solutions. These will be prioritised, weighted and translated into an implementation roadmap – a roadmap which your team believes in and implements with ambition.

One particular focus of the joint analysis will be the balance between supply and demand planning. The quality of your company’s forecast will reveal whether or not it is possible to cushion market fluctuations. This determines the costs for production, personnel, delivery and service as well as the impact on working capital. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is critical.

We will work in tandem with your employees. A common understanding is needed to overcome departmental thinking and to think instead in terms of the overriding objective. Entrenched views will be dissolved, completely new approaches embraced, and horizons expanded significantly to optimise the supply chain. We will offer the necessary experience coupled with appropriate moderation techniques.