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Supply Chain Management | Lieferung vor Bestellung

Anticipatory Delivery – Time waits for no man

Demands on companies are increasing. Market developments, competition and the behaviour of market participants are constantly in flux. Product lifecycles and delivery times are becoming shorter, the products themselves more complex, and the pressure on margins and prices is increasing.

At the same time, companies like Amazon are proving that an extremely broad portfolio can be delivered in just a few hours at reasonable cost. What is the secret of their success? How does this work?

The solution sounds simple: they know better than their customers what will be ordered when and adapt their supply chain early to suit.

A well-functioning supply chain requires perfect forecasting. All the processes are synchronised, external and internal factors are considered, and the customer’s behaviour is anticipated.

“Anticipatory delivery” is the answer to the questions of the future. Analyses of ordering behaviour, high-end statistical tools and segmentation enable products to be made at the right time. They are then placed in the very warehouses where they are highly likely to be retrieved from soon. This ensures extremely short delivery times and quick reaction times.

The forecasting services of TenglerGluttig are based on a forecasting engine with the latest statistical methods and the use of machine learning. External factors, such as promotions in retail, the weather in the construction industry or the oil price index in the automotive industry, are therefore considered and the accuracy of the predictions is improved significantly.

Not all customers need their goods within a few hours. Amazon too offers its customers a range of services regarding delivery times. It is left to the customers themselves to decide which delivery service suits them.

Through Integrated Business Planning (IBP), areas of the business, such as production, logistics and purchasing, are tailored to future demand and the service required. The financial impact is assessed using simulations. Decisions are derived, and so an agile supply chain is created which predictively anticipates changes in the market. As a result, our clients know what precautions to take. Dissatisfaction is not an option. Thanks to predictive planning, our clients act rather than react. Making decisions using our IBP improves delivery reliability and reduces the costs for production and capital commitment.

TenglerGluttig offers extensive experience in segmenting customer requirements and implementing differentiated delivery services that are tailored to meet them. Our long-standing experience and access to the right tools for introducing forecasting services as well as integrated planning processes make our team a strategically valuable partner.