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We will show you where your supply chain excels and where it falls short. Increasing demands from customers and suppliers in terms of shorter delivery times and higher availabilities, digitisation and fast-growing product portfolios lead to supply chains which are becoming more and more complex and harder to manage. Make the right decisions with us. After all, professional planning and management of your supply chain will give you a decisive competitive edge.

With our products we take our clients on a full journey: from an assessment of the performance of the supply chain to the creation of forecasting models, digital benchmarks and integrated planning systems, and through to customised training and e-learning.

Our portfolio

Our approach

Always individual & customised – We go the extra mile for our clients. Our work is characterised by customised, individual solutions.

Sometimes uncomfortable – We always present the whole picture to our clients, revealing problems which are not immediately obvious. This is the only way that we can develop solutions that will make a difference.

Always authentic & agile – We employ only the best. All our employees have an entrepreneurial mindset and work autonomously and independently. Everyone on the team has a background in industry. This allows us to create a unique link between industry know-how and consulting expertise. We always communicate on equal terms, openly and directly.

Collaboration with start-ups & digital natives – We impress with our courage to innovate and work closely and directly with our specialist partners from industry, research and the start-up scene.