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Supply Chain Management-Team | TenglerGluttig Jobs, SCM Career

We offer the supply chain management jobs with perspective.

The people at TenglerGluttig have decades of consulting experience. They know what really makes a difference. An international network of clients and partners is created through trust, integrity and long-term relationships – and we take the same approach with our staff.

Our service is only as good as our people. That is why we recruit the very best and offer more. We work predominantly in teams, while also offering space and the necessary refuge for clever and creative minds. This means that we adjust to each other, get along well and benefit from each other. Constant change dominates our business, and we welcome that. We are flexible. We celebrate successes together – as a team.

In addition to our mother tongue, we all speak English. We also welcome ability in an additional language, such as an Eastern European language, French or Spanish. Our employees hold university degrees in engineering, economics or science. We believe firmly in communication and lifelong learning. Supply chain lateral thinkers, innovators and re-thinkers are very welcome.

We are a team. But we are not all made the same. Through our work over the decades we have learned that we need different types of communication and various specialisations for our consulting and other services. We therefore offer two career paths. Our consultants are keen travellers. They have direct contact with our clients. Our experts, on the other hand, work mainly in the office, developing the tools of tomorrow. Together we form the unique Supply Chain Minds team of TenglerGluttig.

Why you fit the Supply Chain Minds of TenglerGluttig:

Your CV speaks for you, but your personality even more so. You enjoy doing things; you are curious, enthusiastic and proactive. You listen attentively and ask the right questions. From this you draw the right conclusions and implement our clients’ requirements.

Taking responsibility does not bring you out in a cold sweat. You welcome constructive criticism; it is not in your nature to be ruthless. You naturally have impeccable manners. Teamwork and treating those around you with respect bring you pleasure. You appreciate flat hierarchies and direct communication with our professionals and youngsters. You motivate others; you see your profession as part of your fulfilling life.

Apply for a vacancy. Speculative applications are welcome; ordinary cover letters are boring – show us who we are dealing with!

How do you apply for a top job at Supply Chain Minds?

Our vacancies can be found below. You might find something suitable there or you can send a speculative application as there is always something for the right people. We would encourage digital entrepreneurs to get in touch. Make a difference even with your application and attract our attention!

We will contact you shortly. If we feel that you are right for us, we will invite you for an initial interview. If the chemistry is right, we will talk more, and you will get to know the team. Both sides will strive for a long-term relationship. – That is why we leave nothing to chance and take your goals seriously.

Please send applications and questions to:
Supply Chain Management-Team | Jobs, Teamwork, SCM Consulting Career

Consulting or Expert Track: Which career path suits you best?

Skills, knowledge and social skills are extremely important in consulting. People provide suitable solutions. These people are as different as the solutions they offer. Therein lies the challenge which the Supply Chain Minds at TenglerGluttig face in consulting. And because people are so important, we are not mainstream in our approach. We provide suitable career paths for different personalities. We discuss this continually because your development is important to us.

You are keen to assume responsibility for sales; you enjoy moderating meetings and giving presentations. You are mainly on-site at the client (more than 50% of the time at any rate) and work with the client to devise solution strategies. You implement these in project teams. Leading projects and teams is something that is close to your heart. You have already successfully worked on software projects. You are a natural team player with an ability to adapt to different people, situations and cultures – in fact, this gives you great pleasure! Long-term client relationships are right at the top of your agenda. Does this sound like you? If so, find out about the Consulting Track at TenglerGluttig.

Do other people call you a nerd? With us you are part of our valuable team. You produce data analyses and simulations; you introduce benchmarks and you develop suitable tools. You adapt our Forecast-as-a-Service and Supply Chain Planning Software services to suit our clients’ requirements. Constant dialogue with our consultants is important to you. You have comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ needs and issues. You handle all matters relating to digitisation and analytics autonomously. You create training and blended learning tools or further develop our existing tools. You perform 70% to 80% of your work in our office. If this profile matches you, take the Expert Track at TenglerGluttig!

We are known as the Supply Chain Minds who advise and act, who provide tangible added value for industrial companies. For us, it is always about people – whether they are employees, clients or partners.

Become part of our dynamic team and benefit from our many years of experience, our know-how, our quality and the professionalism of our actions.

Our employees always work autonomously and entrepreneurially, and always directly and on equal terms with our clients.

Our hierarchies are flat, our structures have low thresholds and we offer the opportunity to perform pioneering work within an ambitious company.

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