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End-to-end Supply Chain Visibility or the end of fragmented supply chains

End-to-end Supply Chain Visibility or the end of fragmented supply chains

The cause of the limited view of supply chains is usually to be found in the past. Expensive data storage led to individual IT solutions in companies, resulting in separate, independent data silos.

The graph shows the data explosion of the last decades. For many players in a supply chain it is a considerable challenge to make useful data visible and exploit its often still-hidden potential.

As an example: a shipment leaves Hong Kong en route to Hamburg. The ship is delayed, and the system identifies the malfunction. The producer can now assess the impact on their stock. If replacements for the delayed goods are required, the system can determine where they can be called up. Different strategies are modelled, and implementation plans can be proposed.

The integration of end-to-end (E2E) supply chain visibility technologies enables supply chains to be made transparent. By networking individual companies, precise information on stocks, orders and deliveries can be exchanged and evaluated. Suppliers, producers, outsourcing partners, retailers, and buyers form an interlocking system that enables an integrated view in real time. 

Eliminate pain points and focus on control of entire delivery networks

At TenglerGluttig we aim to remove from companies the necessity of dealing with pain points and focus instead on holistic view of the supply chain.  A lack of such overview may result in the following problems:




Global networks increase complexity and lead to increased uncertainty and susceptibility to disruption. For the customer, the focus should be on reasonable delivery times and delivery reliability. To meet all requirements, transparency in the supply chain must be the daily bread of all supply chain managers. Besides Amazon, Caterpillar, and Google, clients of TenglerGluttig also benefit from E2E Supply Chain Visibility.

"Gaining visibility means enabling the various companies along a supply chain to communicate with each other, understand each other's role, and work together to achieve collaborative goals." , knows Milena Kaupp of The Supply Chain Minds.

Noticeable advantages through E2E Supply Chain Visibility

There are three reasons companies use E2E transparency to increase their competitive advantage:


End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility with TenglerGluttig

TenglerGluttig offers a proven and efficient approach for the implementation of an E2E Supply Chain Visibility. Within the scope of supplier mapping, all production and storage locations of suppliers and sub-suppliers are recorded. Together we define the KPIs that best fit your company. To ensure the appropriate transparency along the supply chain, we support you in selecting the appropriate technology - starting with Enterprise Resource Planning software, Business Intelligence cockpits and Supply Chain Control Tower solutions. In addition to selecting the right software, we work together to make the necessary adjustments to the organization and processes.

Among our services for digitisation and networking you will also find more details on Control Tower solutions.

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