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Managing Partner  - SCM Experts

"TenglerGluttig are the reliable experts for all special topics along the supply chain. The profitable cooperation is already lasting for many years. "

Portrait CEO Cord Prinzhorn | Prinzhorn Holding | TenglerGluttig SCM Consulting

Cord Prinzhorn
CEO Prinzhorn Holding

"S&OP, flexibilization of customer supply, inventory optimization, warehouse planning: we are happy to rely on the professional advice of TenglerGluttig's consultants."

Portrait CEO Leopold Pasquali | Prefa GmbH | TenglerGluttig Supply Chain Management Consulting

Leopold Pasquali
CEO Prefa GmbH

“Deep supply chain expertise, state-of-the-art data analysis and hands-on approach characterise the consultants of TenglerGluttig.”

Portrait CEO Gerald Reichmann | British Steel | TenglerGluttig Supply Chain Management Consulting

Gerald Reichmann
CEO British Steel

"Leadership in Service', a sales project of our Containerboard Division, has been accompanied by TenglerGluttig consultants all the way to successful implementation."

Portrait CEO Harald Ganster | Hamburger Containerboard | Prinzhorn Group | TenglerGluttig SCM Consulting

Harald Ganster
CEO Hamburger Containerboard GmbH

"As part of a train-the-trainer concept from TenglerGluttig our employees were perfectly prepared for conducting in-house trainings."

Portrait CEO Christian Braun | B.Braun |  TenglerGluttig Supply Chain Mangement Consulting

Christian Braun
CEO B.Braun Austria&CEE

“TenglerGluttig stands for an open and targeted cooperation. Within just a few weeks they identified considerable potential an drew up a road map for a new approach.”

Portrait Supply Chain Management Director Jim Swindale | British Steel | TengerGluttig SCM Consulting

Jim Swindale
Director Supply Chain, British Steel

"TenglerGluttig's digital technologies with Advanced Planning Software are driving agile solutions and are reducing our working capital."

Portrait CEO Cornelius Grupp | CAG Holding | TenglerGluttig Supply Chain Management Consulting

Cornelius Grupp
CEO CAG Holding

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By failing to plan, you are planning to fail

The Supply Chain Minds know from experience in direct line management or with client projects that planning almost always needs to be improved in order to realise long term efficiency gains. “What you can’t measure, you won’t improve!" These days, in the Age of Big Data, the possibilities for improving planning have increased exponentially. But the associated challenges are all too readily underestimated.

TenglerGluttig will focus on improving your planning and the accompanying restructuring of your processes. With network planning we will determine where your future production and storage locations will be positioned, and on what scale, in order to ensure optimum customer service while simultaneously optimising your working capital. The integrated planning of sales, demand, production and purchasing in your supply chain can only succeed through close collaboration with customers and suppliers. State-of-the-art forecasting with well-established Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is essential. This usually goes hand-in-hand with process and organisational changes because company structures are still inadequately aligned with customer requirements. These different demands are optimally reflected in a segmented supply chain and its service profiles. Nowadays, there are excellent IT systems which can perfectly support and optimise your planning and ideally offer real-time transparency in the form of a Control Tower. We will help you select and implement the right solution.